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The Lesbian Music Chronicles: 4 Playlists of 4 Songs for 4 Different Types of Lesbians | GO Magazine

Pleased saturday, lezzies! I think we could all concur that music is really important to your schedules. And that’s why I created a playlist per people, depending on the week-end plans. Have you been spending this weekend hitting-up the
West Village lesbian bars
to make right up? I acquired you. Have you been investing this weekend sipping yourself within apartment, basking inside despair? I acquired you. Have you been spending on the weekend calling him or her and smashing plates? I acquired you. Are you unclear about whether you want to stay in and lament about existence or just go and end up being totally careless? I managed to get you. No real matter what, I managed to get you, girl.

For The Celebration Lesbian, Who Wants To Drink All Weekend

All The Things She Said
– t.A.T.u.

No lesbian pregame is complete without this lesbian classic. Utilize this as a quick warm up tune.

– Eastern Clubbers

Now you’re experiencing only a little lit, you need to throw it returning to this wonderfully cheesy- yet still for some reason sexy jam? I’m a fan of any tune that has gorgeous very early 2000s raver lesbians inside movie and continuously repeats ‘lick my personal ass.’

– Drivvin

There is nothing naturally lesbian about this tune however it is my personal all-time favorite dancing track, I am also a party lesbian who wants to take in all weekend, therefore trust in me.

– Marian Hill

Hear this after you call your Uber and anxiously simply take last-minute shots. By the time it comes down, you are lit AF for any dance club.

When it comes down to Sad-chic Lesbian, Who Wants To Take In Wine and Cry All Weekend While Getting Hot Selfies

Help You Stay
– Crazy Belle

Really don’t consider absolutely anything else appropriate to an unfortunate girl lesbian breakup to Wild Belle’s lyric,

the reason why are unable to we keep you?

– Tove Lo Hippe Sabotage Remix

I adore playing this while I’m in just one of my glamorize-my-misery-and-be-reckless-in-its-name feelings. It’s really discouraging, additionally beautiful, similar to me!

Sad Female
– Lana Del Rey

The hot unfortunate lez anthem, by the lord and savior Lana Del Rey. Excellent for significantly sipping drink in naughty sleepwear, watching your self in a full length mirror, appreciating exactly how rather you’re whenever you cry.

Returning To Ebony
– Amy Winehouse

Be prepared for your makeup to operate. But you a lot like that, right?

For Furious Lesbian, Who Wants To Plot Revenge on her behalf Ex

You Oughta Understand
– Alanis Morissette

Single I out of cash a wine glass scream-singing AND GENERALLY ARE YOU CONSIDERING MEEEEE, WHEN YOUUUUU FUCKKK HER. It is very cathartic and that I recommend.

I Have A Look Great Without You
– Jessie James

It’s a scientific fact that any time you belt this song out, you release all pent-up anger you may have against him or her, your skin clears right up, as well as your existence prospers.

Hold Up
– Beyoncé

The absolute most iconic payback track /video to ever exist.

– Marina additionally the Diamonds

Marina is actually the best angry-sad girl. This lady has become myself through every separation. Trust Marina.

For all the Tortured Lesbian, Who Would Like To Bounce Between Sulking and Hanging Out

– Alanis Morisette

The creepy woman anthem.

The Alcohol
– Kimya Dawson

Probably the most f*cked up, the majority of poetic, a lot of haunting tune of them all. Have a lez listen.

F*ck The Pain Sensation Away
– Peaches

Now you’ve had the depressive event, it is the right time to end up being manic and change to lit-damaged music! F*ck the pain sensation Away is actually an iconic place to start.

– Abra

Certainly the best songs to be controlled by once I’m straddling the range between tortured and turnt. Extremely instagram-caption-able lyrics. vous aide à avoir des outils à la hauteur
de vos ambitions.

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